WIZportal: the software solution for social work

WIZportal is our case management software solution for the social services sector. Thanks to WIZportal, case managers, clients and other involved care providers can easily access and manage relevant case files. Try our software for free for one month and configure it to your wishes. WIZportal takes your needs into account. For example, you can use the software for client administration, case management of, for instance, setting up a support plan. WIZportal is an ideal software solution for family, child and youth services. In addition, the software can be used in the social services sector, in healthcare facilities and welfare organizations as well as business services or refugee aid organizations.

WIZportal benefits

✔ Case management software for social services

✔ No purchase fee

✔ Easy to customize

✔ High degree of flexibility

✔ Online available